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All About SongRoots

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About SongRoots

SongRoots brings music into your life. Somewhere along the way, many of us became musical spectators instead of participants. Singing is a joy that belongs to all of us - no matter what age or experience level! Through engaging, challenging and fun choirs, camps, workshops, online courses and singing study trips, SongRoots fosters deep musical learning, connection and community.

Karla Mundy deeply loves harmony singing and all that it creates - beauty, connection to the present moment and each other, a common goal and the way it opens people's hearts and faces!

Rhythm 'n' Roots Choir

Rhythm 'n' Roots is a joyful, adventurous and soulful choir– fearlessly singing powerful songs drawn from many diverse vocal traditions of the world.
Rhythm 'n' Roots is for singers who want to move, groove, learn, grow and embody beautiful and inspiring songs and rhythms from around the world. We are an auditioned SATB choir that meets every Wednesday - the material is quite challenging and we perform all of our music off book. We regularly work with special guest artists and perform at least three times a year.

To audition for RnR go HERE

Wednesday 7:30 to 9:30pm, Pacific Spirit United Church (2195 West 45th Ave)


City Soul Choir

The CSC is renowned for its joyful, energetic performances. It draws from the soulful songs of many traditions - soul, R&B, spirituals, gospel, pop, world, folk, and more - music that uplifts, inspires, and transforms. The choir produces several concerts per year, and also sings at community outreach events.

The City Soul Choir is an auditioned Vancouver community choir founded in 2010 by Brian and Patricia Tate. Karla Mundy was thrilled to become the Musical Director in 2019. To learn more about the CSC go HERE

To Audition for the 2022/2023 season go HERE


Roots ‘n’ Wings: A choir for women’s voices aged 19 and up.

Roots ‘n’ Wings sings music that moves you and grooves you! We explore the world’s music and experience the wonder and deep delight that comes from a community of voices soaring together.


Festivals & Workshops

Take a real break from your every day life (no driving, cooking, dishes, todo lists) and sink into a rich world of community and music making. It’s very hard to cram musical exploration and creativity into a busy schedule and it is amazing what unfolds when you allow yourself the time to step away from your schedule and immerse yourself in singing, sharing food, being outside and being surrounded by others who love music too.

SongRoots offers out of town residential retreat workshops and also SongRoots In The City. This is a chance to study with some incredible singing instructors without having to leave home. Here are some of the instructors that we have hosted – Ysaye Barnwell, Linda Tillery, Brian Tate and Tony Backhouse.

Summer Camp Festivals!

SongRoots Summer Festivals - July 8-12 2024 & Aug 26-30 2024!

SongRoots Summer Festival  will be an intensive five-day singing study & celebration on beautiful Gambier Island, BC. For the 3rd year, SongRoots will host TWO camps in the summer!

REGISTRATION WILL OPEN SUNDAY Jan 14th, 2024 at 10:00 am!!

From Monday - Friday  we will be staying, eating and singing at beautiful Camp Fircom on Gambier Island, BC. We will enjoy 4-6 hours of singing classes each day – to read all about the classes on offer at each camp, read below!

Our instructors are slowly being announced - check back regularly for new updates!

At this point, it is too early to predict what the Covid situation will be next summer! We are currently planning to hold activities, performances & meals in outside and covered spaces. Both festivals will be limited to about 100 campers. Stay tuned for more details here - they will be posted as things are confirmed!

SongRoots In The City Workshops


Thursday Aug 1st - Sunday Aug 4th 2024

A 4-day intensive workshop for rediscovering and revamping gospel music roots through vibrant traditional songs, freedom stories, and movement. We will be led by singer/director/composer Lonnie Norwood from Chicago. Lonnie brings a wealth of knowledge, skill and passion to his work and imbues his teaching with a deep sense of shared humanity, connection and respect. Over the course of the workshop we will dig deep into the cultural context, language, movement and technique of gospel singing.

Read more about the workshop HERE


In the spring and summer of 2020, SongRoots began branching out into all kinds of online singing courses and choirs. It became such a big part of what we were doing that we created a second website  - Learning SongRoots

Go there to see our full range of Online Courses and learn about the new 'Songroots Singing Hub' coming in September 2022!

There are three courses still available - Roots Voices, SongRoots Duets, Gathering Voices

Our first online course was Duets and Trios and that is still available on this website (see below!)


Sign up now to sing Duets and Trios online! Together we will work on duets and trios, learning to sing all parts, our ability to hear and hold a harmony line and eventually to create one ourselves. This will be a really fun 8 session online course that will allow people to progress at their own pace.

Each session will include

  • Three songs (with teaching videos and tracks for all of the harmony parts)
  • Vocal warm-ups focusing on technique and style.
  • Background reading material and original recordings.
  • Chord charts and music theory.

Karla is teaming up with Patrick Metzger (on guitar, bass and lead instruments - a one man band!). The first session of this course will be available on May 8th.

To purchase the course go HERE

Once you have purchased the course - visit the Homepage HERE

Since 2017, SongRoutes has been offering musical study trips as a way to dive deep into different musical cultures. Through the partnership, inspiration and mentorship of  Village Harmony SongRoutes was able to travel to South Africa, Corsica, Cuba and the Republic of Georgia. Outside of these co-productions, SongRoutes has led trips to France, Mexico, New Orleans and Asheville.

Over the coming years, SongRoutes looks forward to many more of these wonderful opportunities - exploring new musical hot spots and further collaborations with Village Harmony. Stay tuned for future trips here...

SongRoutes offers an incredible way to travel and to deeply experience a place and its culture...through singing immersion!

SongRoutes - Cape Breton (Oct 20-29 2024)

**This trip is currently full but we are accepting singers onto the waitlist!

SongRoutes Cape Breton will be an amazing 10 days of intensive singing and cultural learning in beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia! We will be immersed in many forms of Gàidhlig singing – waulking (milling) songs, puirt à beul (mouth music), laments, lullabies, and more! – and we will also have ample opportunities to experience the depth and breadth of Celtic culture that Cape Breton has to offer.

We will be staying in the beautiful Margaree Valley at the Normaway Inn!

Registration is now open!

To read all about it go HERE!


SongRoutes - France! (June 4-11)

A vocal intensive with 16 singers at a beautiful arts centre in the heart of Burgundy, France. Study solo and ensemble singing work at Academie Roche d'Hys with Sophie Michaux, Jennifer Scott, Rene Worst, Jeannette Aster and Karla Mundy.


To read all about it go HERE

Living, eating and singing together for 7 days in the gorgeous French countryside, we will dive into..

  • movement for vocalists
  • vocal technique
  • jazz, swing, ballad & chanson study
  • ensemble singing
  • performance masterclasses
  • recorded performance
  • special topic evening sessions (dealing with nerves, dreaming & implementing, singer's table work) and listening sessions

We will also have time for outings and walks to soak up our beautiful surroundings.

Cost will be $2175 CAD + $50 CAD Registration Fee + GST

Cost will include full tuition, accommodations, transportation while at Roche d'Hys and all meals! Registration will open on Sept 15th 2022. There are some limited single rooms available for an extra cost of $200.

A typical day will include 5-6 hours of singing/studying/movement, practice or free time, 3 shared home cooked meals and a evening activities (performances, talks) On two days, we will shorten our study schedule to tour around locally!

Read more about La Roche D'Hys Academie here!

SongRoutes - Corsica! (June 13-25)

REGISTRATION OPENS Oct 16th at 12:00 pm PST

SongRoutes Corsica will be an intensive 13 day exploration of traditional Corsican Polyphony. Led by musical tradition bearers - Jean-Étienne Langiani and Frederic Vesperini. SongRoutes Corsica will open new pathways to understanding this rich, unique and beautiful polyphony tradition. Lysander Jaffe (along with musical assistants Lexi Ugelow, Liam Kantor and Karla Mundy) will help us understand, break down and rehearse the songs during our practice sessions. Lysander, Lexi, Liam and Karla will also teach us a set of ensemble pieces from other vocal traditions to round out our concert offerings to our Corsican audiences. Leading up to our trip in June, Lysander will host 3 pre-tour study and listening sessions over Zoom for all participants. This will help us arrive more prepared and will begin our learning process before we arrive in Canari! 

We will be intensively studying the traditional polyphony of Corsica and after building our repertoire of trios we have excursions for performances and to explore the island. The last couple of days we will change our home base to the seaside town of Ajaccio!

Traditional Corsican Polyphony requires singers to sing one on a part so this study trip is geared towards confident and experienced singers.

This trip is a co-production of Village Harmony and SongRoutes.

SongRoutes History

SongRoutes ran it's first very successful trip to Asheville, North Carolina in April 2017 - over 40 singers traveled to the Blue Ridge Mountains to study with Alice Gerrard, Beverly Smith, Ginny Hawker, Tracy Schwarz and Suzannah Park. We immersed ourselves in duet singing, old-time ballads, early country, gospel, clogging and square dancing!
To read all about our trip go here
Since 2017 - SongRoutes has run trips to Georgia, New Orleans, Cuba, South Africa and a return trip to Asheville!
SongRoutes is going to take a trip to France and Corsica in June 2023!
Stay tuned for our next adventure!

"Have signed up for my fourth year! It just gets better and better!"

- Merle Lister (SongRoots Summer Camp Singer)


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