Join Lysander Jaffe for an online introduction to Corsican Singing. This course will be held over 3 Zoom sessions and will be accompanied by articles and lots of musical resources. All of the sessions will be recorded and you will have ongoing access to those recordings.

SongRoutes (with lots of guidance and help from Village Harmony) is heading to Europe for an intensive musical study in Corsica this summer (SongRoutes Corsica). Lysander will be one of our instructors at the camp and will be helping us learn and approach Corsican music as a foreigner while also teaching us other styles of repertoire. Lysander has studied Corsican singing extensively and has prepared a primer course that will deepen our knowledge and prepare our ears for these rich musical traditions.

This course is included for those taking this journey in June and we have decided to open it up to others outside of the program. If you're curious to know more about Corsican singing, this will be an excellent introduction. The cost for the course is $100 CAD.

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