Dance the Songs, Sing the Drums w/ Kofi Gbolonyo


Sunday June 9th 10:30-2:00 at the Wise Hall

 Dance the Songs, Sing the Drums: Exploring the West African Vocal/Choral Musical World w/ Dr. Kofi Gbolonyo

You are invited to join Dr. Kofi J.S. Gbolonyo for an extraordinary choral/vocal music workshop. This active workshop will feature a holistic approach to West African choral/vocal music, integrating vocal music, movement, games and light percussion. Through the Orff-Afrique art of play, participants will go on a vocal/choral musical journey using the voice, the body, and varied small percussion instruments including drums, bells, and rattles. Participants will explore West African traditional and contemporary songs and games with deep philosophical and educational themes.



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