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We’re thrilled to be offering SongRoots’ first Online Singing Course to help you sing harmony with more confidence, skill and joy. Through this course, I hope that singers can develop the many skills needed to be a well-rounded musician. We will work on singing technique, learning by ear, phrasing, tone, music theory and an understanding of musical form and language. We will accomplish all of this while doing a ton of singing! The repertoire for this class is drawn from Brother Duets, early Country music and Bluegrass harmonies. Leading you on the journey will be Karla Mundy (vocals) and Patrick Metzger (all the instruments) This course will go live on Friday May 8th. A new session will be released every Friday after that for a total of 8 sessions. THIS COURSE IS STILL OPEN for REGISTRATION. This is a ‘go at your own pace’ course and you will have access forever!

The cost of this course is on a sliding scale – the course is valued at $175 but I do know that many people are struggling with the Coronavirus situation. The minimum price for the course is $100 and people are able to name their price.

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