SongRoots Summer Camp #2 – Aug 26th-Aug 30th 2024


SongRoots Summer Camp will be an intensive five-day singing study & celebration on beautiful Gambier Island, BC.

From Monday August 26 – Friday Aug 30th 2024 we will be staying, eating and singing at beautiful Camp Fircom on Gambier Island, BC. We will enjoy 4-6 hours of singing classes each day – there will be classes on Corsican, Classical, Improv, Balkan, Body Music, Country, French Chanson and MORE!

Our instructors are Adam Jacob Simon, Ali Romanow, Emily Miller, Evie Ladin, Gideon Crevoshay, Jennifer Scott, Karla Mundy, Lysander Jaffe, Moira Smiley, Shruti Ramani, Sophie Michaux and Val Mindel.

To keep us safe, we are working hard to stay up to date with current Covid restrictions and safety protocols. Knowing that this situation is changing and ever evolving, At this point, it is too early to predict what the Covid situation will be next summer! We are currently planning to hold classes & meals in outside and covered spaces. Both camps will be limited to about 90 campers. Stay tuned for more details here – they will be posted as things are confirmed!

For complete information about SongRoots Summer Camp #2 go HERE

To register – please pay the $100 non-refundable registration fee (add to cart and check out) and then come back to this site and fill out the Application below.

I will go through all applications received up until Jan 16th at midnight and if there are a surplus of people who want to stay in the limited accommodations or be in the classes with a participation limit, I will do a lottery! The more flexibility you have with accommodations and classes, the easier it will be to accommodate everyone! Once I have done the lotteries, I will let everyone know how it’s looking and if it looks good to you, you can pay your full fee! (The full fee after registration is $950 (+ GST) This is a new method to try to avoid the computer/wifi race!