Songs for the Earth - Workshop Series

Vocal workshops w/ Jenny Lester, Kelly Proznick, Jennifer Scott, Cassius Khan, Kofi Gbolonyo and Karla Mundy

SongRoots will host 6 workshops between Sept 2018 and June 2019 that will raise money for environmental projects while learning and singing in community!!

The first workshop has already passed but you can sign up for the remaining  for $40 per workshop or $175 for entire series. To sign up for entire series go HERE

If you would only like to sign up for one workshop at a time, look below for links to those workshops.

Sunday Sept 23rd 10:30-2:00 at the Wise Hall - Intro to Georgian Singing and Snacks w/ Karla Mundy

Karla Mundy will be sharing what she learned on her recent SongRoutes Georgia camp - we will dive into several Georgian songs - learning technique and tone and exploring this gorgeous style of polyphony. No experience is necessary. Karla will also be providing some homemade snacks based on recipes she is bringing back from Georgia. Recipes, song lyrics and Georgia background will be provided!

***this workshop has already happened and was a huge success - we raised $500 for the Ancient Forest Alliance in BC, contributed to rainforest conservation in Borneo, tree planting efforts in Madagascar and to a fund to help Orcas!

Sunday Oct 28th 10:30-2:00 at the Wise Hall - Bluegrass Singing w/ Jenny Lester

Bluegrass Harmony is a language and process that enable three singers to create a full, lush, three-part sound. This course will give you solid fundamental tools for understanding and crafting your parts. Join in to sing, hear and feel resonance and theory come together in harmony. Everyone welcome, no experience necessary. Money raised for this workshop will go towards 'Heart and Solar'

To register for Jenny's workshop only- go HERE

Sunday Dec 2nd 10:30-2:00 at the Wise Hall - The Music of South Africa: A Journey from South Africa and Namibia to Edmonton to Vancouver w/ Kelly Proznick

Spend the day singing and moving to the music of South Africa. Almost 15 years ago, Kokopelli Choir organization from Edmonton Alberta went on the first of many tours in Namibia and South Africa. This tour sparked relationships and musical sharing that has been built upon, including a membership exchange program and the ethical publishing of Africa songs. Western Canadian choirs have had the opportunity to learn directly from singers from the African choirs, and in turn teach others. Come to sing, move and hear stories.
Songs may include: Kwela Kwela, Zulu Mama, Hlonolofatsa, Ingoma, Tshotshloza, Ndikhokkele Bawo, Jesu Ueja, Emjajeni/Eyelele.

To register for Kelly's workshop only - go HERE

Sunday Jan 27th 10:30-2:00 at the Wise Hall - Energizing Qigong for Vocalists w/ Jennifer Scott

In a workshop setting we will explore how breath directed movement can improve your breath support, vocal technique, performance dynamic and all around well being!
I will guide you through a short form (Pal Dan Gum or ‘eight silken movements’),
Healing techniques plus Shao Lin self massage and movements from the Wuji form in tandem with vocal exercises, focusing on easy and relaxed vocal production.

Finally, we’ll take our centred, energized bodies and sing a few group tunes together!
Instrumentalists are welcome. Participants should wear non-binding comfortable clothes. Bare feet, socks or soft soled shoes are all fine.

Sunday April 28th 10:30-2:00at the Wise Hall - Indian Singing w/ Cassius Khan

Learn the classical styles of Indian singing with the globally renowned Cassius Khan, a master Tabla artist, classical vocalist and sought after teacher.
Learn about Ragas and a deeper understanding of how to breathe life into them correctly through bending and projecting your voice through Cassius Khan’s teaching technique. Learn how to strengthen, project, tune and sharpen your voice. You will not be disappointed!


Sunday June 9th 10:30-2:00 at the Wise Hall - Dance the Songs, Sing the Drums: Exploring the West African Vocal/Choral Musical World w/ Dr. Kofi Gbolonyo

You are invited to join Dr. Kofi J.S. Gbolonyo for an extraordinary choral/vocal music workshop. This active workshop will feature a holistic approach to West African choral/vocal music, integrating vocal music, movement, games and light percussion. Through the Orff-Afrique art of play, participants will go on a vocal/choral musical journey using the voice, the body, and varied small percussion instruments including drums, bells, and rattles. Participants will explore West African traditional and contemporary songs and games with deep philosophical and educational themes.


Monthly Appalachian Harmony Singing

w/ Karla Mundy and Patrick Metzger 

October 4th-May 2nd 2019 - This Class is now FULL!

Join Karla Mundy for a once-a-month Appalachian Harmony Singing Class.

We will meet one Thursday a every month from October to May and we will explore duets and trios from the Appalachian harmony singing tradition.

From 7:00-9:30 we will sing duets and trios from the Old-Time and Bluegrass world. We will learn about the structure of these harmonies using feel and music theory.

We will learn about the solid structure and approach of the 3 part harmony stack and develop tools for finding those harmonies ourselves. We will learn a wonderful repertoire of songs - first by learn the melody and identifying the chord progression, then we will find the accompanying harmony lines. This is a wonderful way to explore some music theory - as it will be practically applied the entire time!

We will learn first as a group and then there will be plenty of opportunities to try the songs in small groups - with one or two singers on a part.

One of the hopes of the class is that it gives you the tools and confidence to work on this music with your singing buddies at home and explore finding harmonies yourself. Get ready to laugh as we bump around the process and then shiver when it all comes together in harmonic beauty!

Dates -  One Thursday a month - Oct 4th, Nov 1st, Dec 6th, Jan 31st, Feb 21st, Mar 7th, April 4th and May 2nd 

Appalachian Harmony Singing (Duets and Trios) - $215 + GST

There are no drop-in rates - this course will progress through the material and we will build our repertoire and understanding together. Sign-up is for the entire eight sessions!

We will be joined by Patrick Metzger on guitar and will be bringing in special guest musicians during the course to help us create and experience a full sound.

Class will be held at Unity Spiritual Centre (5840 Oak Street)