Welcome to SongRoots Summer - Online!

I’m very excited to announce that we will be offering an online program during the summer! As we are unable to meet in person during this necessary distancing, we are delighted to meet and sing with you in this way!

Our goal is to stay connected, learn and create music and dig into what IS possible! 

Aside from the video classes - we will have some Songroots Student Cabarets, Jennifer Scott's famous Masterclass, an online Songwriters Circle, an Instructor Concert and some live classes (Zoom).

Our hope is to give you more musical tools and some structure - encouraging you to dive deeper into your music this summer. We do not want to make you glued to your computer screen so we aim to give you ideas to facilitate music in a way that feels alive to you! It may be possible for some socially distant outside singing in small groups, so some of the material will definitely help with that!

You know how when you are at camp, you always want to take all of the classes - well here is your chance!!

There will be so much music to keep you inspired over the summer. The offerings are  duets, gospel, bluegrass, swing & jazz, madrigals, Latin American repertoire, piano/accompaniment skills, qigong, vocal technique, warm-ups, rifs and licks, French Chanson, How Music Works and more! To read all about the Classes and Schedule go HERE

Participants will have access to all of the lessons for the whole summer - July 6th-Sept 7th. 

Registration is NOW OPEN  - Click HERE to REGISTER

The following instructors will be offering classes (video based - so you can access them on your own time.) These will be available over the whole summer.

To read everyone's bios - go HERE.

To read more about the classes, schedule and fee - go HERE

Jennifer Scott






Dawn Pemberton






Brian Tate

Lonnie Norwood






Sophie Michaux






Michael Creber

Jenny Lester






Caitlin Belem






Karla Mundy

Now some videos to remind us all that We Are All Still Here! This is a little break and we will be back together soon...

Camp Fircom

A beautiful video and message from Camp Fircom...

Instructors Video

We miss you and can't wait to see you!!!

Performance by Dawn Pemberton and Michael Creber.

SongRoots Video

Camp is the place....

Music by Susan Ellenton and Patti Powell