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Class Info

Jennifer Scott

Jazz & Swing Repertoire

Each day you will be introduced to a jazz/swing standard and explore the song with Jen. There will also be a jazz ensemble piece with multi part tracks.

Vocal Warm-Ups & Qigong for Singers

A new addition of Jen's fabulous vocal warm-ups! Plus - start your morning off right with some qigong for singers!

Lonnie Norwood

The Gospel Sound

We will look at historical context, lessons on vocal tone, diction, phrase exercises and a few gospel choruses with vocal and reference recordings.



Sophie Michaux

Madrigals - Sophie will guide people through 2 madrigals with practice tracks and video instruction.

French Chanson - Sophie will teach two French songs and will provide an accompaniment track and teaching video.

Polyphony - Sophie and Karla will co-lead some polyphony multi-part songs with practice tracks and teaching videos.

Brian Tate

How Music Works

Brian will lead you through a hands on, practical "theory course" using pop songs from the 60s-80s. There will be some ear training, lots of singing along and no music reading required.

Dawn Pemberton

Riffs and Licks

This online class takes an in depth look at the history, the evolution and the technique required to sing vocal runs, often called "riffs or licks". We'll spend time building vocal agility, breaking down and learning popular riffs from contemporary music styles, and listening to some of the world's best Riffers.

Michael Creber

Piano Back-up for Singers

A series of videos breaking down some basic piano accompaniment for singers.

Charts/tracks for hire!


Caitlin Belem

Latin American Repertoire

Learn a song a day - from Brazil (Portuguese) and songs either from Cuba, Mexico, Argentina or Colombia (Spanish). In each video, Caitlin will break down the lyrics (pronunciation and meaning), melody and phrasing and a look at guitar accompaniment. Each song will come with a chord chart, lyrics and lead sheet.

Jenny Lester


Bluegrass Harmony is a language and process that enable three singers to create a full, lush, three-part sound. These lessons will give you solid fundamental tools for understanding to craft your harmony parts in relationship to the melody.   Strong bluegrass singers are able to hold their parts individually, so this is a great way to practice. Everyone welcome, no experience necessary.

Karla Mundy

Duets in Different Styles

Karla will be teaming up with different SongRoots instructors to create 'distanced duets' and will inspire you to do the same! Karla will break down the duets through teaching videos and give you the tools to learn both parts. From here, you can reach out to other SongRoots participants and create your own versions of these songs through different technologies!

Class Schedule

All of the video classes will become available during the week of July 6th-10th (when we would have been at SongRoots) You will have access to the videos for the whole summer. During this week, there will be several scheduled LIVE Zoom check-ins to meet and sing together and say hi. There will be several follow up LIVE Zoom classes with various instructors throughout this week and the month of July (these will be scheduled later on) It also appears that it may be safe for people to meet in very small groups to sing over the summer, so our hope is that there can be some small, self-organized, safe meet ups to sing through some of the material.

On Tuesday July 7th - we will have Jennifer Scott's Masterclass. There will be a lottery to get in and all are welcome to attend over Zoom.

On Friday July 10th - we will have the Instructors Concert - Live over Zoom

There will be 3 Student Cabarets (if there is enough interest) with a maximum of 15 performers each - Friday July 17th, Friday July 31st and Friday August 14th.

We will also schedule a Songwriters Circle share.

Keeping Us Connected and Social

We will create a private Facebook group for all of those taking the course. I'm also looking into other alternatives for those not on Facebook if I can find another good way for us all to be able to connect and post what we're doing and work on collaborations.

Fee for the Online Course

The suggested price for the course is $150-$175. We know that the Coronavirus has created financial hardships for some people so we will have a bit of a sliding scale. If the minimum fee of $115 is not possible right now, please contact me and we will work something out! If you feel comfortable paying more than $175, that will be greatly appreciated. It will enable us to offer this course for those experiencing financial stress and will also help to pay more to all of the fabulous SongRoots instructors. These artists have been hit hard with the cancellation of gigs, workshops and the drastic changes in the reality of teaching music. Anything that can be done to keep on supporting the arts and artists is greatly appreciated!

Check out Brian Tate's new song about our current situation!

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