In Feb 2017, I helped lead a Village Harmony singing study trip to Cuba. A long time admirer of Village Harmony and the wonderful work they do in the world, I was thrilled to be asked to put together a singing trip to Cuba. I have been so lucky to travel to Cuba 7 times - once as a tourist, twice to study Afro-Cuban dance and singing with Hannah Stilwell and Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, three times with my choirs through Canada/Cuba Choral exchanges and then this last time, leading a group of 28 singers in Havana and Matanzas. I deeply love the music and the people of Cuba - it's a place that always sticks with me. I feel that Cubans bring a fierce dedication, reverence and love to music that is incredibly inspiring and moving. I have seen so many performances in Cuba - from professional choirs to high school students to elementary music students to Afro-Cuban rumba groups - that are jaw-dropping for their skill and talent but even more so for their beauty and energy. I am currently organizing another Village Harmony tour to Cuba for March 2018 and would love to share this gorgeous video from our last trip. We had the privilege of being joined by an incredibly talented young filmmaker -Tikko Freilich. She joined the group as a singer and was quietly filming hours of material during the trip. I can not imagine a better representation of our time in Cuba than this video. I love watching the ways in which our wonderful Cuban teachers shared the Cuban music with us. It is so beautiful to watch people express music across cultural and language divides. We were so blessed to have these Cubans share the music with us generously and with such skill and precision. to check out more work by Tikko Freilich go here - For more information about the Village Harmony trip go here -